About me

My name is Eva Offermans and my passion lies in coaching and building happy teams.

Why? Because people in happy teams are more passionate, enjoy more work energy, and deliver better results.

“Put people first and business results will follow.”

Throughout my professional career, I’ve seen too many teams struggle; too often teamspirit is missing, constructive communication is lacking, and team members are dissatisfied, low on energy, and underperforming.

I strongly believe that if you put people first, business results will follow in almost all cases.

To build high performing teams you need to combine processes and structures wíth communication and culture – and I dare to claim that I’m a master at that.

“Trust, vulnerability, authenticity, and fun!”

My biggest strength is building stronger interpersonal connections amongst team members. I help to create a culture in which teams book the results they’re after. And for this, you need trust, vulnerability, authenticity, and fun! I bring all of that into each of my assignments.

I’m a super pragmatic hands-on person – and I never forget to add a joke here and there.

My job is done when I see that team performance levels have increased, people are having more fun working together and enjoy their jobs better.

Are you looking for an energetic and positive freelance Agile Coach or Team Coach for your organization? Get in touch!

I excel in:

  • Agile Coaching
  • Scrum Mastery
  • Team Coaching
  • Workshop Facilitation

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What other people are saying about me

“Eva is amazing. I’ve never seen anyone so naturally gifted to help a group of people become a tight-knit team. Armed with a firm belief that everything is possible, Eva coaches teams with such joy and optimism that they ignite into invigorated teams that get after it with gusto. She has mastered the art of meeting people on their turf and engaging with them in such a way as to boost self-confidence. 

You’ve never been met like this before! If you ever get the chance to work with her, do it. You can’t go wrong with Eva.”

Laurens Bonnema – Agile Management Consultant at Xebia

“People like Eva don’t come around very often. Smart, driven, ambitious, eager to learn and always pushing the boundaries of the possible & her comfort zone. But also a warm personality, endless optimism and a great sense of humor. 

It was an honor and pleasure to be her mentor and see her grow into a great Scrum Master/Agile Coach at two of the largest and most difficult transformation clients we had. Her skills in turning a disparate group of people into a team where people have each other’s backs are second to none. 

All around great human being and I can’t recommend her enough.”

Erwin van der Koogh – Founder/CEO at Linc

“I would not just be happy to work with Eva again – I would love the opportunity. We worked closely together coaching a challenging program of work that became the exemplar of high-performing agile delivery within the client organisation.

Eva is a deeply caring person, and brings that into her work – always believing in and bringing out the best in the people around her. She really knows her stuff, and I’ve never known anyone quite so good at getting a team of people engaged and on-side.

Do yourself a favour and work with Eva – she’ll make you and your organisation better.”

Craig Drayton – Product Manager, Founder, Coach

You can find more testimonials about me here.

My track record

Since I started to work as a freelance coach (January 2019), I’ve worked for:

  • SNS Bank – Agile coaching assignment to help set up Agile teams that are aligned to the company’s strategy (current) 
  • RTL Nederland – team building workshop
  • Renault Netherlands – brainstorm facilitation
  • Comsave – teambuilding session using WeQ (proven neuroscience backed facilitated feedback session)

Prior to my freelance career I have been a Business Agility Consultant & Team Coach at:

  • VodafoneZiggoVolkswagen
  • PON
  • ONVZ
  • ING
  • ANZ bank (AUS)
  • NAB bank  AUS)
  • Telstra Telecommunications (AUS).

More details on my extensive track record can be found here.